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Before the Internet was around Home Buyers usually would spend a few hours on the weekend driving around local neighborhoods they wish to live. In hopes of spotting an Open House sign that they could "walk-through" (view) without having an appointment.

Now websites are available to help Home Buyers find an inventory of Open House's to tour. However, pay attention because I noticed on in the Resources section of the site that the inventory of Open Homes displayed are only from Coldwell Banker, ERA, Sothebys Realty, and Centry 21. A Home Buyer will not see Open Homes from other brokerages such as RE/MAX, Intero Realty, Independant Brokers, Alain Pinel, For Sale By Owner, Help-U-Sell, Redfin, Buy Side Realty, and more. 's registrant is NRT Inc. according to the Whois Record. So you may ask - Why do they limit the internet home buyers view of available open homes to tour on the weekend at

UPDATE: David Linger, RE/MAX founder and chairman told an audience at the Inman ConnectSF conference that "On Dec.5th of 1998, RE/MAX went live with 100% of listings that had -- it created a firestorm overnight. We had RE/MAX listings and every other listing that was on Other companies complained about the fact that RE/MAX was displaying all of the listings and asked RE/MAX to stop the practice." Then in August of 2005 RE/MAX announced the same plan to list 100% of the listings from all Real Estate Brokerages -- "..this time without the Firestorm." Linger's quotes are from an Inman News article by Glenn "Fireball" Roberts called "Internet is Overvalued, says RE/MAX founder"

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Anonymous said...

Could it be because is owned by NRT, which is owned and operated by the same company whose sites show open houses? But then you knew that I suppose?