Thursday, November 09, 2006

Move Over Zillow: Make Some Room

Fidelity National Title Insurance and their Real Estate Services division has a new automated valuation tool called, currently Beta.

Cyberhomes (mildly evocative name) explains that thier valuations allow access to "most of the same information that real estate professionals use to evaluate homes." The Cyberhomes database includes more than 100 million property, ownership, sales, and mortgage records, covering more than 85% of the United States population.

Fidelity Title's move into AVM's is two fold. First it offers Realtors a tool to integrate - Cyberhome valuations - into their web sites for free. Second its a move that directly targets Title Insurance consumers (ie:Realtor clients) and is free for them to use.


Finally, you need to market to the ultimate buyer of your product - the Consumer!

Fact: you title insurance companies have never marketed to the consumer. Period.

Fidelity's Cyberhomes might be the catalyst that moves the industry toward accepting a more detailed specialization and greater segmentation of the skills and services needed in a transaction. If that is a good thing Im not sure. However, it's obvious that the real estate consumers adoption and awareness of new technologies is driving the pace of the industry's transformation.

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UPDATE: A few opinions about AVM's.

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