Friday, September 29, 2006

Own Multiple Properties - No Problem

Take a look at this idea. HomeFree is a site that has products availble to Realtors, Investors, Home Owners. "Homefree is the personalized online toolbox that helps you make smart home maintenance decisions in just minutes a month. It helps you stay on top of your home's needs—keeping things under control before they break."

The About Us section of the website has a brief story of how the founders came up with the idea. "As a multiple property owner, (we) could relate. "Larry and I started talking about these homes we had that we just couldn’t keep up with," he explains. "That’s when it hit us that there were no great products available that could help with maintaining your home." Looking at their own lives and their in-the-trenches experiences as homeowners, they struck upon the concept of Homefree."

Check out the Demo~!

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