Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Manage Real Estate and Mortgage Closing Fees

LowerFees Inc. provides real estate consumers with fee transparency and reduces the confusion about the charges during a real estate transaction. The web portal is an "open marketplace" to breakdown complicated vendor fees for closing costs. In other words it provides a Good Faith Estimate for the transaction that compares fees from multiple vendors (line item by line item).

With consumers being charged as much as $55B in real estate closing costs last year, LowerFees is positioned to help save up to $21B in junk fees. Source: LowerFees Inc.
The bottom line is that LowerFees.com compares fees from local vendors, allowing consumers to make educated real estate decisions.

LowerFees.com currently offers the following products to aid the consumer:

Quick Quote:

Through the website's database of more than 10,000 real estate service providers, users simply input their property type, estimated property value/loan amount, occupancy type and zip code into the Quick Quote system and will instantly find the lowest closing costs for their transaction.

Fee Analyzer:

When consumers enter their fees in the Fee Analyzer, they receive a detailed explanation of each fee and whether that fee is common or not.

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