Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Draw a Target Home Search in Minnesota

Minnesota-based NeighborhoodNetwork.com, has created a pre-market for homebuyers. Also home sellers that decide to use a local Realtor that is a subscriber to the website will have access to the "Click2Sell" feature. This feature alerts prospective homebuyers that expressed interest in the sellers property and/or neighboorhood by-way-of the website.

Minnesota homebuyers click over to this new online tool to help find, buy, or sell real estate. Also the site offers a niffty "draw shape" button to lock in a homebuyers target neighborhood search.

UPDATE: Another pre-market site that is national called, Reply!, pegs themselves as "the only web portal that empowers each visitor to make an Unsolicited Offer(TM) on any home in the country. Users simply go to the Reply! site, identify and research the home or homes of their choice, and then complete an offer on the site -- either a specific offer or simply an indication of interest in buying the home. For $24.95 Reply! will deliver a physical package notifying the homeowner of the offer. The homeowner can then retrieve the offer at Reply.com and is free to engage directly with the prospective buyer."

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