Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Making a Open House Video

A digital camera is one of the best investments a home seller and/or a Realtor can purchase. The pictures and movie clips taken with the digital camera can be uploaded to the Internet or sent to homebuyers as e-mail attachments. Moreover the pictures can be used to print marketing flyers with data about the home for sale. Of course the biggest concern is what camera to get – Check out DigiCamHelp.

Making movies on a digital still camera isn’t exactly a point and click activity. Think about a professional videographer to film the home; If you're not sure where to find a local videographer try giving a local wedding photographer a call. However I found a blog with a few guidelines to help you create your own Open House video.

A Guide To Making a Real Estate Video in Three Parts:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

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Tony said...

Thanks for the link to our "Video and Estate estate" series of posts. I'm glad that people are finding it helpful.