Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Government Has Homes For Sale

Yes the U.S. Governement has homes for sale. The homes for sale were FHA-insured forclosure properties and after the owner defaults HUD takes ownership of the property and sells the home or multi-family home for its most recent appraised value. Most properties are sold to homebuyers looking for their "primary residence" - However, if HUD has trouble selling one of its homes then they open the purchase to real estate investors...

To find the address of a HUD office near you click here.

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brienb said...

HUD homes are a great for first time home buyers or investors. Sometimes these homes need a little fixing, but generally sold at below market prices. The FHA and HUD both offer low-interest loans to those who qualify to buy homes on low to moderate income.

For more information on buying a HUD home go to Your HUD Home