Tuesday, October 31, 2006

An Open House Get's Punked

Well its Halloween~! So I thought I'd go with a haunting article today - and found an Open House prank that's a tad scary. If you're not scared than surf over to AVF's site and read about the prank they pulled on the Landlord and Realtor as they worked to market and sell a multi-unit dwelling in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York. If you've heard em' all than go get a scare here!Selling a rental property and having it occupied by a prankster tenant like the two in this stressful story is a nightmare. If you are selling a multi-unit dwelling its best if one unit is kept empty and used as a 24/7 "showroom" to prospective investors and/or homebuyers. With an empty unit - no rent money will be coming in but it allows access to an example of the current dwellings, without having to worry about a current tenants availability and privacy in their rental unit.

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